The Womb Spiral journey with Zapheria has been a rich, nurturing, sacred, divine, feminine and devotional journey into the depths of my truest nature, my aliveness and beauty.


Zapheria holds such a divine ceremonial and sacred space for each of us to be able to journey together as sisters as well as our individual process. I felt so safe, held and supported through this deep and transformative journey.


Zapheria has an incredible way to hold the space for everyone to feel safe and connected, but also be deeply empowered within your individual journey.I was clearly able to see old stories and patterns and as we journeyed through the gates, moved into a space of ecstasy and love. 


Feeling alive within my own heart. Deeply connected to my body, grounded down into the earth. Feels beautiful to have such a deep connection with my yoni. Feeling like I can trust the process of life so much more. I feel open to receive.  This journey supported me in moving through some deep layers of disconnection and being held in such a safe and loving space supported me to feel this fully.


Words truly fall short of what was experienced and I highly recommend if you are a woman with a yoni, this would be life changing for you as well.

Thank you Zapheria. Your magic is beyond any words but so deeply felt.




The women who have followed this path speak of:

Connection to their own bodies 

Find connection to their Souls path

More pleasure in daily life 

More nurturing and loving to themselves and others 

More connected to their partners and their families 

Feel more connected to pleasure, sensuality and sexuality 

Improved sex life with their partners

Feel connected to their own intuition 

Deeper connections with other women 

Earn more money 

Manifest and create easily 

Conceive with more ease and more likely to experience easeful birth attract more opportunities and people into their lives 

Free from past trauma and lineage wounds 





  • Ready to raise your vibration?

    You are ready to prepare for a high vibrational Soul to be birthed through you and want to raise the vibration of your Womb in preparation ​

  • Wanting MORE from life?

    You want MORE our of life! More connection, more love, more sensuality, become more orgasmic, more abundance, more freedom, more, more, more 

  • Release ancestral conditioning?

    You have ancestral conditioning from your maternal line and you are ready to be free of it! ​


    You JUST KNOW you are supposed to be here!! It’s a feeling, a calling, a knowing!!​

  • Ready to stand tall in the world?

    You know its time to connect fully to your greatness, to all of who you are, full power, full expression and stand tall in the world living life on your own terms 

  • Ready to let of Womb trauma?

    You have Womb trauma or sexual trauma that you are ready to let go of once and for all so you can heal and move on living your life on your terms ​

  • Souls calling...

    You are ready to connect to your Souls calling!! No more holding back! ​

  • Own your power

    You are ready to OWN your unique feminine power. ​




Zapheria is the Lead teacher for The Spiral School of Awakening, Head Priestess of The Temple of Armella, Co-creator of Womb Spiral, Author of The Blue Diamond Souls and Mentor to todays leaders. At the core of all of her offerings is the ability to free people from the pain and suffering of the past and point them in the direction of their Soul’s true calling. An advocate for everyone having the opportunity to be fully themselves in this crazy world we live in, Zapheria is connecting us back to the sacredness of ourselves and supporting the collective in raising the vibration of humanity.

Who is Zapheria? Why should you journey with her?


From a young age Zapheria was interested in the world of energy and Magick, often experiencing channeling and mediumship that was confusing to her and was shut down for a number of years. In the last 7 years she has stepped into her true gifts and no longer hides from the world.


On a personal and collective level Zapheria is connecting us back to the sacredness of the Womb. So personally we can release past wounds, traumas, patterning and lineage wounds and as a collective we can raise the vibration of the Collective Womb to a level that welcomes the Diamond Souls to birth into the world at this Imperative time.


A Director of The Spiral Institute, Co-creator of Womb Spiral and Mentor to leaders, Zapheria could chose to go by many titles - however she connects more deeply to the weaving of realities across dimensions of time and space to create a container that brings you back to your true self. From this place you can choose to let go of the constructs of a Title and instead feel what she transmits.


At the core of all of her offerings is the ability to free Humans from the pain and suffering of the past and point them in the direction of their Soul’s true calling.



"Zapheria is one of the most incredible, embodied, tapped in, mysterious woman I’ve ever met. She allowed me to access parts of myself that I never knew about.

My womb now speaks to me & guides my life. My purpose is clear & I am no longer worried about the consequences of revealing my fullest self. For it is not for me, it is for a greater power beyond me. That I have discovered in my womb, with many thanks to the Womb Spiral"

Beth Neely

“Zapheria opened my transmission, gave me so much clarity, healed a massive part of myself that was still hurting after so much loss in my life.

This allowed me to receive a raw and pure experience of the Divine Mother, of Divine feminine.

And because of all of that, I am transmitting that energy to the world.”


Kelly Kringon

I will be FOREVER changed because of you and the women in this group. I am so deeply grateful and in so much love with you and the work you do. Yes sharing the transmission with the world!


I literally felt a wave of love hit me through my heart chakra when I thought of a memory of the Womb Spiral with Zapheria.    



Tara Janae Smith